Reusable bags

There are, perhaps, an innumerable amount of reasons as to why one should use a reusable bag instead of a plastic disposable bag when out shopping for whatever one might shop for. Yet it seems many forget that, even were one to agree with or know about these reasons, there are many who cannot afford the eight or so plus dollars to purchase one. Also the rhetoric employed by proponents of reusable bags often isolates or alienates people who might otherwise try to make the switch.

Indeed, it is a difficult switch in a lifestyle when so many of us have, and do still, grow up surrounded by convenience. Most don’t have the discipline to wean themselves from relying on convenience, more so if one finds themselves within poverty.

Even still, it is odd that I have rarely read about reusing the plastic disposable bags that reusable bags are supposed to supplant. They are still viable bags even after their contents are removed. Of course, they are more likely to have a tear form, or a sudden break that leads to catastrophe, as illustrated in this silkscreen by Chihiro, which she printed on a reusable bag. While not this reason alone, this reason is still a heavy contender as to why to switch to using reusable bags when shopping.



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