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Character creation

The process of character creation has always been interesting to me. I enjoy the slow process of sketching out an array of possible designs for the same character and whittling them down or merging them together to birth a new character. Then as the personality is refined, frequently so too is the costume and appearance of the character. Reiteration after reiteration

At least, this is what character creation seems to be to me, maybe not everyone. Indeed.

Below is a character drawn up and colored by Chihiro. She is a character from one of our many stories that we have thought up over the years. This drawing is one of many costume designs that Chihiro came up with for this character, dubbed Thousand Claw, and perhaps it is closer to a final design.



A look back

I looked back through some of Chihiro’s drawings and found a few gems, or perhaps images worth note. I thought why keep these hidden from view, so I will post these images from time to time until new illustrations are finished.

watercolor done in commemoration of our daughter's birth
watercolor done in commemoration of our daughter’s birth